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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Have you ever wanted to explore dinosaurs like a true paleontologist? Well guess what guys, you can and will using this fun and easy 3 ingredient recipe AND free downloadable file to share with your crew!

So get those picks and shovels ready folks...actually a large bowl, measuring cup, and hands will do, and get ready to create your own fossilized egg!

Fossil Egg Recipe

For this project you will need to gather the following...

Large Mixing Bowl, Measuring Cups, Toy Surprise, Play Sand, Cornstarch, Water

- In a large bowl mix 2 Cups of sand to 1 Cup of cornstarch.

- Add water SLOOOOOWLY. If you add too much you get Oobleck and that's a whole other sensory fun party. If you do get too wild with the water just add more sand and cornstarch until dough holds shape.

- Next, grab a handful of your mixture and make a small pancake in one hand and add your surprise. Cover with more mixture.

- Now you can mold your mixture into an egg! I did this by cupping my hands together and squeezing.

- Set aside to air dry. Allow this step to take a couple of days and try to try to be patient, trust me it's worth it!

My final eggs were paired with the recipe and blunt tipped candy apple skewers but there are so many fun ways to give yours to pals. I might even hide some around the house this Easter!


Dino Egg Pictorial Final
Download PDF • 7.98MB

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