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Who here loves pie? What if I said you can have your own slice of heaven with no baking involved.

These tasty looking treats were part of an open studio at Kith + Kin in Brewerytown a couple of years ago and were a hit! This year I made a simple free downloadable template for you to print, cut, and trace. Felt color options are up to you whereas I stuck to the classics on the instructions color key. You will also see supplies listed on your template.

So many fun uses for these felt yummies such as using them in your kiddos play kitchen (minus the dowel), name card for your holiday table, or stick in a potted plant! What will you do with yours? Share your creations on Instagram under the hashtag #nimblecrafters so I can enjoy them as well!

Sooooo what are you waiting for? Go get those family and friends of yours together and get busy!


Looking for other fun crafty projects for this holiday season? Be sure to check out my SHOP located at the top of this pages "More" drop down bar.

Felt Pie Pennant Template
Download PDF • 5.90MB

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