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Hello there, Karith Gingrow here!


I am a mother of three, illustrator, and DIY enthusiast with the creative drive to make any celebration or event a hit. Having a background in Graphic Design, I started Nimble Craft in 2016 with the dream of bringing creativity and bonding to all ages no matter the level of experience. 


I have worked with adult cocktail gatherings, kids crafting parties, weekly open studios at Kith + Kin (a gorgeous play space in Brewerytown), and large events in Philly. 

I use high quality materials, along with at times my own personal work. 


Nothing makes me happier than working with your kiddos and you adults making sure I give you not only amazing projects but my creative support as well. After all, nothing is better than bonding through art since this is a way in which you can truly be yourself.

My specialty is collaborating with families and letting kids work their ideas from just thoughts to pieces they can enjoy and be proud of! I do this by finding out what THEY enjoy and go from there.

So happy to be offering my services to you and yours and thanks for stopping by.

XOX, Karith

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